Interior Design

Carrie McCall Design’s interior design projects are customized to reflect each client’s personal taste, lifestyle and budget. CMD’s thoughtful use of layers of color, texture and light result in the creation of timeless spaces that are inviting, livable and fresh with a few unexpected elements.

Carrie McCall Design’s aesthetic draws upon Carrie’s personal design philosophies:

  • Combining and mixing old (clients’ older existing or vintage pieces) with the new to help create warmth, personality and avoid the “showroom” feel
  • Taking a few risks and breaking the “rules” (mix metals, pops of color, hanging wall art off center, etc.)
  • Using color, texture and light to create a warm and inviting space with visual interest
  • Adding a little fun and character with objects that reflect the clients’ personality and/or will start a conversation
  • Starting with the entryway to maximize first impressions
  • Designing a space around how it will be used to maximize functionality
  • Mixing higher end “designer” pieces with more affordable furniture and accessories